Running Toolkit

Running Toolkit

Why run?

• Relieves stress and improves mental health.
• Increases bone mass and helps stem age related bone loss.
• Strengthens knees, thickens articular cartilage and improves the body’s ability to tolerate load.
• Increases cardiovascular fitness.

So what equipment do you need?

Good trainers are key to prevent injuries. By looking at the sole of your current trainers you can identify the trainer type you require;

Supinator – outside of your running shoe shows the most wear.
Neutral – outer heel towards the position of the big toe will show the most wear.
Overpronator – inside of the running shoe shows the most wear especially inside of the heel and ball of the foot.

If your still unsure take a visit to your local running store for a running analysis so that they can identify what trainers meet your needs. Check out these websites for your nearest branch and

Heart rate monitors
Many runners fall into a trap of even paced running which only maintains fitness levels. If your goal is to get fitter and improve on your times then monitoring your heart rate is a great way of ensuring you are working hard enough to do this. They are especially useful when adding interval training into your routine.

Sports bras
If you do repetitive high impact sport your breasts bounce and can pull on ligaments (coopers ligaments) forcing them to stretch. Once stretched they remain this way which can cause your breasts to sag so always invest in good quality sport bras. Check out for a great range of sport bras for all shapes and sizes.

Removable layers are great when running to prevent overheating. Wear leggings or socks when the weather is cold to protect you from achilles tendon injuries.


• Head up and relax shoulders.
• Arms balance the body, should conserve energy and move you forward. Arms should be at a 90 degree if you have the joint mobility to do so. Always relax the wrists and ensure hands are unclenched.
• Don’t lean back as this causes a breaking effect. Avoid leaning forward as this puts stress on the knees and back.
• Ensure back and torso are straight whilst maintaining tension around the core.

Run tall at all times!

Dani x